As the course is 100% online, we make an extra effort to engage each student individually. To earn the course’s 3 units/credits, students are required to work a total of 145 hours. That includes the mandatory 45 “contact hours”, in which students are in direct contact with the instructor via video/written/audio lectures, writing assignments, email and phone correspondence. The course is periodically monitored by several professors that currently teach or have previously taught to course. This collaborative teaching environment increases the efficacy of the course.

        All required reading, viewing and listening materials are provided upon registration for the course. We utilize a secure learning platform called D2L to facilitate quizzes, exams, film/lecture viewing and the submission of written assignments. This system is very easy to use and no prior knowledge of online academic platforms is necessary. User activity is tracked and logged on University servers to discourage academic dishonest. We may also use a “lockdown” web browser while administering exams. We have found that these safeguards are rarely needed. We expect and have experienced a high level of academic integrity from our students.

       Desired outcomes of the course include:

            (1) knowledge about Eastern European cultures, in particular vampire and werewolf lore; (2) development of reading and film-viewing skills (which in turn will enhance appreciation for literary and cinematic works); (3) basic familiarity with the terminology and concepts of folklore, literary, film and music study; (4) increased awareness of the ways in which social problems are reflected in popular culture and art; and (5) better understanding of how beliefs in such figures as vampires and werewolves were/are acquired.   


Werewolves & Vampires: Slavic Folklore in our Culture

RSSS 315 (Section 910)

Department of Russian and Slavic Studies • 305 Learning Services Building • University of Arizona • Tucson, AZ 85721-0105 • (520) 621-7341

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